Acipenser persicus

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Nowruzfashkhami M. R. 1996. On the Karyotypes of Acipenser persicus, A. stellatus and Huso huso from the Iranian Waters of the Caspian Sea. Sturg. Quat. 4 (3): 7.

258±4; 134 m+sm, 128 a+mc, 386 NF
Nowruzfashkhami M. R., Pourkazemi M and Baradarannoveiri S. 2000. Chromosome study of persian sturgeon Acipenser persicus B. Cytologia 65: 197-202 Abstract

Nowruzfashkhami MR. Kazemi B, Jahani M, Pourkazemi M, Wazeeri-Nasab H, Azizzadeh L. 2009. Chromosomal location of satellite DNA family in Acipenser persicus. 6th International Symposium on Sturgeon. October 25-31, Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. Book of Abstracts, Oral Presentations 77-78. Abstract


m = metacentric; sm = submetacentric; a = acrocentric; mc = micro chromosomes; FN = fondamental number

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